About WTV

I have been a spokesperson for technology and advancement all my life.  There has never been a day I have not studied and debated about the current prospects and future of applied science. You can think of me as the geeky boy sitting at the corner table of your office or class.  I do not come from a fancy background I can boast about. Neither my grades have supported my knowledge levels and agenda. In short, I am not interested in talking about myself as there are many big issues, worries, and possibilities to think about.

However, as this is the “about me” section I am compelled to put science aside and convey my inner self through these words.  To start with I am a drop out of a renowned university, something most of you will not relate to. As stated above, I never had the zeal to compete with my classmates as satisfying with an A grade never inspired me. I was more of the thinker who thought about robotics and gaming while my companions were busy doing their projects.

This attitude made me an odd one who was eventually kicked out of the formal learning structure. But, it never stopped me from working around new devices neither was I worried about my future. The joy of knowing about the full particulars of technology made me smile for the entire day.

Nevertheless, life pushed me to accept my passion for technology as the source of my bread and butter. I went through various major companies, start-ups and even local shops to start my career. To my expectations, they were not interested in employing a daydreamer. I was rejected in every interview and even received long life lectures in some.

Even my parents now doubted my ability to lead a decent life. For the love of God, I found an opportunity lurking around my neighborhood. One of the boys I knew was about to create a new platform for serving clients through AR technology.  The idea was a bold statement, and its application in various industries needed extra work.

It fascinated me to the core as all I wanted was to be around technology.  I approached the guy, and he was more than happy to have me. For the next two years, I was working day in and day out to develop our technology and went on to meet many tech company officials in the process. Eventually, we succeeded, and I had the chance to relax for some time.

During the struggle, I realized that many people were unaware of the technological advancements happening around us. It was the hint towards something I have been doing since day one.  I had the chance to create a platform to talk about technology.

Thus, I came up with the idea of creating a unique website dedicated to applied sciences. The information portal would work as a platform for people to know the unheard aspects of technology unlike other websites filled with rotten content.

The main difference between my competitors and me was that I was developing a community stage whereas others were promoting one-sided communication. Keeping this pattern in mind, I went on to develop my website to market standards. From graphics creation to content development, everything came under my wing.

Initially, readers were not able to track the site, but with time it started to gain traction. Slowly, I was able to create content according to the demands of the readers. It also gave me the chance to interact with like-minded people.

As I was really passionate about technology, the pressure of maintaining this website never bothered me. Luckily, I was able to persuade other people from my older company to come up with their content.  These people were good enough to take out time in their busy schedule and create great and refreshing content for the website.

Right now, I have a team of 10 dedicated people whom I refuse to call employees. We function more like a well-oiled machine to work for a single goal. While reading this write-up, you might have realized that suggestions and criticism are well received here.

Just go through the entire website to learn things they do not mention about in your textbooks and special lectures.