AR and VR

If there is one thing that has been a part of scientific debates in every situation recently, then it is the future of AR and VR technology. One can argue that both these technologies are not only revolutionary but have the power to change the way humanity survives.

But, since their conception, we have not been able to develop a concrete path for their adoption. Several scientists still believe that AR and VR will be shaping our future in one way or the other.  Even after the claims, the basic question of the uncertainty of the future of tech remains.

With the help of some industry experts, we have come up with a list of future AR and VR possibilities. These predictions are more than ambitious claims as somewhere down the line our lifestyle will change for sure.  We just must accept the possibilities of this technology once and for all.

Offices will become antique

Although people have been a bit accustomed to the virtual workplace, yet its universal application has been cut short by old hardware and unimpressive bandwidth.  However, our experts believe that a private, virtual workspace will take the place of an office. The employee will be working through a 3D desktop which will create the best working environment as per an employee’s needs.

As of now, numerous HMD producers like Oculus Rift and Windows Mixed Reality are pursuing development in virtual desktop environment for the users.  The current rate of growth seems promising especially as the major tech companies are ready to invest their money and manpower over the


Screens will become obsolete

It does seem difficult to believe, but AR and VR application will literally curb the use of screens.  It basically means that screens on watches, smartphones, laptops, tablets will all become old school. The technological advancement will push us to wear XR contact lenses and lightweight AR glasses.

Those who worry about the time we spend gazing at our screens must cherish as the digital creation will easily blend in with the real world. Our new generation will be systematically taught about getting comfortable with the advancement making them more capable of using the mechanics.  

We will have machine friends

Imagine that you will be able to communicate with realistic virtual humans.  Not only will be able to make connections with these creations but share an intimate bond with the ones we gel with. These bots will use the AI technology to machine learn our behavior, culture, and habits to become a human in every sense.

There will be loneliness as your assistant or companion will always be there to stay by your side.  Taking it to another level, we could certainly re-create the ones who have passed in this virtual world.  They will be a perfect replica of what the person had been in their mannerisms and reactions. Thus, there can be a really positive application of this technology but also some dark and grueling adaptations.  Today, we are able to talk with bots in the form of voice-activated assistants to better manage our pc. In the future, the AI technology is bound to take this process many steps ahead.

No limit to entertainment

Entertainment has one of the greatest impacts on our lives since time immemorial. Within the last two decades, we have encountered some mesmerizing technological advancements which have changed the way entertainment penetrate through society.  

If we look at the promising advancements made in AR and VR technologies, then it’s pretty obvious that modes of our entertainment will change. Imagine your favorite pop star giving a live performance right in your room through AR and VR application.

Teaching methods will change

We are already living in an era of smart classes, but unfortunately, they are not accessible to most students. In the future, our students will learn through virtual 3D objects which will basically increase their skills and condemn rote learning.

We must also inform that there are many other applications which are complex enough to deserve a separate article. For now, just enjoy the fact that the distant dream of living in a futuristic world will become true. Or we could probably live in cultural and scientific harmony the way inhabitants of “Wakanda” have been living.