Deciding whether you need a PC or a Laptop

There’s are many types of computers in this world. Both the two biggest types are laptops and PCs, also known as desktop computers. They’ve got different advantages and different drawbacks, but both fill a certain much needed role in both work and play. Determining which one would benefit your lifestyle the most is a simple matter of what you need a computer for.

  1. Portability is the Ultimate Factor

While there are many small differences in laptops and PCs, there is one that sets them apart entirely. In fact, this one difference is the only thing that truly separates a desktop from a laptop, and that’s how portable the computer is. A desktop is called exactly that because it is so large and cumbersome that in needs a desk to rest on. It is not mobile in the slightest. A laptop, on the other hand, is called as such because it is small enough to rest on your lap, and therefore small and light enough to carry around.

That said, this is the factor that instantly determines which type of computer you need. If you need a computer that you can carry around or take with you anywhere, you automatically need a laptop, because a desktop isn’t going anywhere.

  1. Processing Power is Dependent on Size

If you have determined that portability isn’t crucial –that you can benefit from a desktop or a laptop in equal measure- then it now comes down to what you want or need your computer to do. There’s no denying that there are very powerful laptops out there. But they’ll never match up to a desktop computer when it comes to power and capability. Desktops are just larger, and all that size means more space to fit more hardware. Your average desktop can often be as powerful as a high-end, powerful laptop, and at a much cheaper price. So, if you just need a computer to type up Word documents or browse the web, a laptop will serve you just fine. If you want a computer for high quality gaming or other demanding tasks, a desktop is probably a better choice.

  1. Customization, Personal Touch

As mentioned above, a desktop PC is much larger than a laptop. The reason it is more powerful is because there’s more space for more hardware. But this doesn’t equate to just more processing power, but a greater degree of flexibility and customization. More space means more room to add what you want, to take away what you don’t need. More room to modify and personalize the specs of your PC. Desktops can have essentially every piece of hardware taken out of them and replaced with something better. You can change a few things about a laptop as well, but not nearly as much. There are some aspects of your laptop that just are what they are, and if they aren’t good enough, you’ll just have to buy a better laptop.

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