Five Underrated Video Games

In the world of video games, gaming can be broadly categorized into two, the first category is those whose strengths are recognized by the majority of the gamers and those with emphasized weaknesses to the extent being categorized failures. Super Mario Galaxy, God of War, and Uncharted are all recognized genius games. Some gamers may stick rigorously to one type of game to show off their skills and develop their gaming ability. So it is no wonder that they will go onto websites such as yes gamers to get help where needed for games like Diablo 2, for example.

The unhappy reality of the gaming world is such gems, like the ones above, are typically unnoted amid the excessiveness of drivel and, as a result, those who play games never even hear about the number of the most effective releases. So, to correct that injustice and provide you with some extremely great decisions, here are, in no order, five preposterously underrated games. On a side note, if you want to take a look at a wider range, then you may want to check out websites like which have a list of games that have been noted as “a lot of people are hooked on these“, so you may find something else to have fun with.

  1. Alice Madness Returns

McGee’s Alice placed a dim and grisly turn on the exemplary Lewis Carroll fantasy and keeping in mind that it was received with an incredible exhibition in those days, almost 9 years had gone by before we could venture into McGee’s terrible interpretation of Wonderland again. The long anticipation was however worthy of the wait. Fortunately, as Madness Returns is a twisted and dark story that will be the reason for a great deal of long, chilly showers toward its end.

Alice is more intelligent than before, so she bounces to and fro between reality and her Wonderland endeavoring to make sense of how things can be fixed. The juxtaposition between the real world and the Wonderland is fascinating, particularly towards the concluding part of the story which reveals to us the person behind all the madness. Notwithstanding, the fascinating story is a minimal positive cushion against dreary ongoing interaction and an occasionally too straightforward designs of the levels. If you can look beyond those flaws, you should give Alice madness returns a try.

  1. Phantasy Star II

After the first version, several fans live and die for the Final Fantasy, one role-playing gem that usually gets unnoted is that the terrific Phantasy Star series, whose second version ranked among the best in history. Haunted by his past and he frequently had nightmares about it, the protagonist creates a group to save his world from inconceivable monsters; to provide any more than this chintzy one-liner would be giving an excessive amount of a story that you that you ought to experience on your own. The beautiful merge of both fantasy and science fiction, geared up to the backdrop of complex TBS (Turn-Based Strategy) gameplay (some poor translations were thrown in for good measure), this isn’t an experience you would wish to miss.

  1. Super Mega Baseball 2

Almost all sports not involving soccer and car races, do not get a lot of representation on PC. It is a very exciting feeling to have a good baseball game show up in the gaming world. Wonderful animation, multiplayer capability, and single player season mode. Although there is no option for player transfer, you can customize your player to your satisfaction.

  1. Last Light

One of the most amazing gunplay video games of this decade. It went a step further from the previous version, Metro 2033 with the well-attended details, which makes it more compelling.

  1. Dark Sector

Dark sector is another intriguing video game but was underrated. The game was designed similarly to Gears of Resident Evil. Your lead hero makes use of a Glaive which when thrown, seems like a diskblade while in slow-motion. It gives such an exciting pleasure to see the Glaive curve around a pole and how it decollate the enemies.

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