Future of Tech

Since the last century, we have been making countless predictions about the future of technology. Seldom they have become true while the majority of them as still to be realized. Even today, we are debating about the twists and turns technology will make as for most parts we are really unsure.

Technology is being developed at a faster pace than ever with new discoveries and inventions happening every day. One might also argue that somewhere down the line our technology will cease to grow – you can see this already if you look at the evolution of the mobile phone. Every year between the ’90s and ’00s, mobile phones evolved rapidly, almost to the point of being unrecognisable by 2010. But from 2010 to now, phones haven’t changed much – they’re still a thin, rectangular screen based on the first iPhone.

On the other hand, automotive technology is changing at lightning speed. Just ten years ago, you would never have seen an electric car on the road. Now, you’re almost certain to see at least a hybrid whenever you go out. By 2030, all new cars sold will be fully electric, and by 2040 we may see driverless cars enter the mainstream. You can learn more here about driverless cars and how they’re being developed – they may be on our roads sooner than we think.

Here we will be revealing our best bets on the future of technology over the next year or so. The predictions are far more than calculated probabilities as the information comes from industry experts and renowned thinkers.

Sit back and live the future with us now!

5G will finally surface

The prediction is more of a certainty as the first phase of 5G will finally make its appearance by April 2019. Although some are confident that the new generation of mobile networks is about to arrive, yet few are doubtful too.

One of our experts believes that network companies will have to eliminate more bottlenecks to stay in the competition. It certainly means that they have to adopt the 5G technology or they will perish in obscurity. Again, he also claimed that 2019 would be the year of drastic change as we will have better energy saving, system capacity, huge device connectivity, and increased data rate.

It will not be a bold claim to anticipate that 5G will be inheriting consumer use cases. Moreover, IoT is gaining mainstream popularity as the need for low latency has increased. AR and VR technology are also on rising while automated vehicles are now a reality.

Apart from all the optimism some claim that mobile networks will develop better ways to counterfeit data problems. It is clear that 5G will enter whenever mass adoption becomes a necessity. Still, 2019 will move us closer to the event.

AR will surpass VR

The long debate between AR and VR is likely to settle this year. With time, AR is being applied in new applications while VR is yet to find its purpose at least in the business world. AR or mixed reality is set to change traditional workforce training.

Whereas, virtual reality is waiting for ventures that will employ the technology in more serious cases. However, it just the beginning and both AR and VR can be used simultaneously to boost immersive experience and solve problems quickly in the workplace. But, no one knows if VR becomes the next big thing in the industry after a few failed AR projects.

Data privacy issues will expand

Continuing the trend of the past, 2019 will see consumers lose their data due to breaches from third parties. With the advent of crypto trade and blockchain technology, and with more people wondering which wallet to store their IOTA (welche Wallet für IOTA), and other digital currencies, we must become more alert about phishing attempts, scams and various viruses.

This is the most nerve chilling prediction, but it’s sadly true. Data breaches have become a major issue now with major companies like Facebook deceiving its users. It should be noted that every country will have its own demons to battle to ensure data security.

On a better note, the security professionals will become more advanced, and the majority of tech scams will be out thrown – plus, businesses will adopt privacy software from places like https://terratruehq.com/ to ensure their data is protected as best as it possibly can be. Our government will have a hard time advancing towards international standards that are updated every second. It is also true that countries, where data privacy is a major concern will be performing better.

Health and wellness will become a top priority

After getting over the social media craze, people will finally fall back to the basic of having a healthy life. This would become easier as technological advancements will make health and wellness more accessible. The multi-billion-dollar industry is already making waves due to technology that has been working as an empowering tool now. One simple example that can be taken from the current trends in social media would be how few of such platforms remind users to take care of themselves or to drink water regularly. The same can be seen in devices like smartwatches that can remind you to go for a walk if you have been sitting for a long time. Who knows, in the future, we might see an AI programmed to act as a wellness coach for people helping them in their personal growth in life.

We assure you that a life dedicated to fitness and personal vigor wilt tract more companies giving technology a healthy boost.

All in all, it seems like 2019 will be a better version of 2018. There are no groundbreaking promises made yet this has been our reality since the last three years. It’s better to survive through another year and hope for more.