Gaming Community

How many of you have actually tried to make better connections with your gaming community? We know many gamers that who act in the way they want to get treated. These lazy developers just want to join the best team without even trying to engage with their commonwealth.

Now, we are not judging anyone, but the real state of affairs is not different.  However, we are more than willing to help you in this field with the help of experts from various gaming communities. These pro gamers do not care about getting featured in an article but want to work for the greater good.

We proudly present before you the top tips to increase engagement with your gaming community.

A video blog will help

No matter how awesome a new game is, it always requires a face to break down the authoritative wall between the gamers and the developers.

Most of the major studios are running a video blog to update their fans with detailed news. It also helps in keeping up with the community and eventually improving the game through shared suggestions.

Video packages are also entertaining as they feature behind the scenes content, funny moments, staged controversies and moreover allows the games to create an emotional connection with the core developers of the game.

Thus, they portray the hard work behind a game making games respects the journey towards the game.

Promote the creators

It’s no doubt that the gaming industry has some of the most creative minds in function- from YouTubers dedicated to popularizing gaming, to the cosplayers inspiring us to love games even more. Although these people get traction due to their sheer creativity nothing beats recognition given by actual developers.

You must focus on entertaining engaged steamers who are more likely to promote your game on more both and social media and in their community. Again, a simple shout out through your Twitter account is enough to make their day. It’s simple business as a give and takes relationship which mutually benefits you both.

For example, you can look out for hashtag fanart Friday to go through arts made by gaming fans. You can use the platform for developing your community through paid or authentic posts.

Social media competitions are awesome

There are a hell lot of people who are dying to collect items related to their cherished games. The merchandising strategy can include anything from cups, books, figures, life-size statues and t-shirts. Currently, developers are also giving the chance to win the first editions of their latest games.

Thus, live competitions on social media are a great way to attract casual fans and create a feeling of emotional connection. Moreover, be sure of your prize’s value as it should be something a gamer might carve for.

It should not always come at a great prize, but the perceived value must be high. Signed merchandises are of great worth and can be used as a trick to lure the new audience.

However, organizing a competition comes with great responsibility as one wrong decision can hurt your goodwill and lead to an eventual drop in sales.

Try out a discord channel

The new age chat platform is a popular stage for gaming communities to directly engage with studios. As of now, it serves as the ground for various digital families due to its creative management tools, smooth bots, and hilarious memes.

You will be able to discuss just anything with your admirers like recent game patches or their performance at particular stages. Due to the candid communication process, your community will be able to provide essential suggestions and real-world information for the betterment of the game.

For most of the part, a frank conversation with developers will work wonders in making them feel like a part of the project. Their personal investment in the game might also push them to boast about the developing team and promote the game.

All in all, growing connection with your gaming community is not a piece of cake. As developers, you will have to hard and fast before a new game takes your spot.  In this era of cut-throat competition, you cannot take the risk to relax. It’s your time; don’t let your hard work perish without enjoying its due rewards.