Luxury Tech Buys for the Rich and Elite

It is rather difficult to come up with a list of top tech buys for the rich due to the broadness of the term tech. Technology is meant to make life easier for people. But there exist certain techs that are far too expensive or only said for the rich and the elite. Here you will find the most overly expensive and costly gadgets that you may be interested in buying if you have the cash. They will save you time but certainly not money.


History Supreme- $4.5 billion


The history supreme is the smallest yet the most expensive yacht on earth. It measures a ‘mere’ 100 feet in length. Its construction took just over three years. The owner is an unknown Malaysian entrepreneur. What makes this piece of tech expensive is that despite its relatively small size is the fact that an overwhelming 100,000 kg of platinum and gold got used in its construction; it pelts the railings, decks, anchor, and staircases to name just some few places. Want to show people how rich and elegant you are! Well, everything on this boat is about showing off. It also features a wall made from pure meteorite rock.  It comes with an iPhone wrapped 500 cut of diamonds a bottle of liquor containing a diamond of $45 million in price alone! It is simply unbelievable.


Eclipse- $1.5 billion


Owned by Roman Abramovich a Russian multi-billionaire who is also the owner of Chelsea Football Club, the yacht measures 536 feet making it both the second most expensive and the second largest yacht cruising the oceans of planet earth. Thanks to its immense size, it features several hot tubs, two swimming pools, two helipads, and a disco hall.  It also has an intruder detection system, bulletproof windows, and armor plating. It is surely a piece of tech for the rich and elite


Ecosse Titanium Series Fe Ti Xx Motorcycle


When we focus on tech buys for the rich, The Ecosse Titanium Series FE Ti XX Motorcycle is the first tech of its kind to consider. It is known as the world’s most expensive motorcycle. It costs a staggering $300,000. It is fitted with a high-end titanium framework fit with carbon fiber wheels.


S-Works + McLaren Venge Bicycle


With more and people aiming to live a healthier life, biking is increasingly becoming popular. With this in demand, there a few elites who have more than enough to offer. The McLaren Venge Bicycle has been created purely for the rich. It costs a whopping $18,000. Its framework is made of carbon-fiber making it ultra-lightweight it incorporates the newest technology for excellent efficiency when pedaling.


Harry Winston Opus 12 Watch


The Harry Winston Opus 12 wristwatch is another tech for the rich and elite. Its minute and hour hands do not look any closer to the standard watches. It comes with sophisticated blue metal arms that appear to be more like high-pitched weapons. It inevitably takes egotism in its sophistication leading to an overwhelming price of $260,000 thanks to the anti-reflective cobalt crystal and white gold case.

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