Our Predictions for the Future of Tech

New technological advances will influence the way we live and interact with other people and situations. Many scientists believe technology is growing at an overwhelming rate. From the way, renewable energy is harnessed to healthcare providers to using 3D printing to construct houses. In this article, you will find a prediction of tech we expect soon.

Printable organs

Bioprinting has been improved significantly over the last decade. In the near feature, 3D printing of different organs and tissues will be possible. This is a complex process that involves placing a bio-ink made of human cells precisely in layers. These tissues are predicted to be better predictors of drug function. When the concept is perfected, 3D printing of human organs such as livers, kidneys, and hearts will be achieved. This will be a life-changing revolution. By 2020, pharmaceutical companies are expected to apply this fantastic concept.

Data-driven healthcare

With the growing overall available data in the world, the ability to analyze large data set is becoming the breakthrough for market competition and analysis. Analyzing big data sets will is quickly shifting from just reporting and orienting towards prescriptive practices. This seems to be what was missing in the healthcare industry. Now healthcare providers can treat and predict any oncoming illness with precision from the data they collect from the patients. The concept is under improvement. Soon, it is expected that disease such as cancer will get noticed and treated even before they attack.

Free internet

Shortly, the internet will be freely accessible to both the poor and the rich for absolutely free. We are on the edge of free internet everywhere. Just think how beautiful it could be. Internet-enabled solar-powered display screens whose purpose would be to display in all public places such as restaurants and bus stops. Gone are the days of static posters on walls and poles.

Jobs for everyone

There is a skill gap in the entire population. The young community is educated but not equipped with the skills the employer need. Technology is already creating massive jobs like freelancing that was never in existence before. Change is rapidly happening. It is predicted that over 68 percent of today’s grade school kids in the United States alone will land on jobs that are yet to get invented. Today, there is an apparent disconnect between employers and education providers.

In the future technology is expected to bridge the gap so as training responds with dynamism to real-time labor marketplace. Today online courses are widespread and accessible on-demand. How beautiful will it be to have employment rates retreating to the lowest value possible?

Machines could start thinking like humans

With the current improvement in quantum computing, it is very feasible that computers will gain consciousness by as soon as 2025. This will enable networks to think like humans and thus accomplish tasks humanly with ease. Most people argue that when computer gain consciousness, it will be the beginning of the end of the human race!

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