Some Random Thoughts on Gaming and Esports

There is little doubt that esports has become an area that attracts a lot of gamers. Providers such as VamosGG are making it easy to obtain the games, players can compete for enjoyment and in tournaments to win prizes, and specialist gaming equipment is available to make for a complete gaming experience.

So, this article will consider just why gaming is so popular.

Variety of Games

When it comes to esports, the variety out there is now beyond a simple list. We have the choice of battle arena games such as League of Legends and Dota 2, along with popular shooting games such as Line of Duty and Counter-Strike. We can experience real sports such as soccer as an esport. FIFA, for example, allows us to compete as a team that we support or as part of an international team of our choice. Hearthstone is an example of one of the esports that makes an online game out of trading cards. With the Battle Royale version of Fortnite, you can play a game that has elements of the Hunger Games and Minecraft about it. The choice of esports available is vast and exciting. Most of these, however, may not be available in every country. If you live in a country where your favourite online game is prohibited, you may want to get a vpn for gaming to ensure that your gaming experience is uninterrupted.


Everyone desires competition. It gives purpose to a game. Online it is a healthy way to compete within the safety of our bedroom, which will normally have become the nerve centre of our esports adventure.

We can enter different esports tournaments within our chosen area of gaming expertise. We can continue to play until we become the best that we can be at a certain game, and then continue to enjoy it. The shooting games, in particular, will require you to keep working on your aim so that you can succeed in them. The games can be an education in that you study hard to understand them and then put that knowledge to good use during the game. Everyone will be looking for something that gives them an edge. It can be good judgment too, of course, and the ability to be dexterous with a controller or set of keys. The skills we learn while gaming can increase our chances of winning in competitions and securing employment, which can be just as competitive. They will be the same transferrable skills very often.


With esports, tournaments are held that allow players to win prizes. Everyone loves a chance to win money and the esteem associated with beating professional players that make a living out of esports. Many have made a career out of it. Just as snooker players win enough matches to become champions and win prize money, esports stars are doing the same thing. Just because we do not see it on television does not mean to say that it does not exist.


Gamers, like no other individual, know how to create an ambiance within their bedroom. They will darken the room and have just the screen playing the game, their keyboard alight, and their gaming mouse lit up. That is if they have discovered all the accessories that accompany gaming and become part of the experience. Gaming chairs can provide comfort and sound with their often-incorporated speaker systems. So, you can then have surround sound close to you. Alternatively, you might invest in a more superior set of headphones to enjoy the game more privately when your family is also in the house. To increase the size of the playing screen, you might connect to a widescreen monitor or television screen that might be in your living room rather than in your bedroom.


To bring our thoughts on esports and gaming to an end, it should be said that many people have benefitted recently from being able to entertain themselves at home. We can, from our gaming seats, interact with other players from around the world all as competitive as each other. We can share and enjoy a similar gaming experience, creating an ambiance all our own yet coming together to compete.

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