Tech Security

Businesses are working with gazillion bytes of data today. As things have moved online, it has become difficult for businesses to manage this data and ensure its safety. At the same time, the number of security concerns for the business is rising at an alarming rate. This leaves an organization in a truly unique position- where they continue to increase the amount of sensitive business data while ensuring that they stay two steps ahead of the hackers in protecting this data.

This is where managed security services come into play. Designed to answer the needs of businesses in data protection and organizational security, these solutions help you sleep in peace. Today, we will discuss about some of the emerging security solutions for organizations that will your business data as well as your premises safer than ever.

Video analytics

Though CCTVs are considered a good security measure, we must understand that it does not help in preventing crimes. The low-resolution CCTV footage can tell you how a crime occurred, but it could never truly prevent a crime. Therefore, CCTV cameras become a passive security measure that wouldn’t help stop a crime and neither provide you any definitive footage about the people who committed them.

The first line of defense for any business is to be able to keep its premises safe. You can now do so with the help of video analytics. This system helps in upgrading your CCTV system and create a real-time monitoring system, complete with an intruder alarm. The cameras can easily memorize the environment it is working in, understand behavior and even notice relevant changes in it. It is designed to notice and recognize human shapes and can even identify suspicious behavior like loitering around or outside the campus. These cameras are so good that they can easily send an alert to a remote monitoring system. They can even check when a suspicious package has arrived in a facility.

The highly intelligent system also depends on better megapixel technology because of which the footage is very clear. The pixel density of these cameras is so high that just one of them can cover half a football stadium at once while focusing on a single individual. This helps you get better protection with even fewer cameras.

Fingerprint and retina scanners

While fingerprint scanners are one of the oldest security traditions around the world, it doesn’t mean that they are not evolving. Fingerprint scanners ensure that nobody gets access to a part of your premises without proper authorization. The concept of biometrics helps in keeping everyone safe. The next generation of fingerprint scanners come with deep-vein technology to ensure that they are scanning a living finger and the finger has a pulse. This helps in avoiding replicas gain access to the tech.

Retina scanners go one step ahead and scan your eyes instead of fingers. They are highly intelligent systems, upgrade your security significantly and can be used in conjunction with high tech fingerprint scanners to double up your security and ensure that nobody gets unauthorized access to your premises.

Data surveillance systems

Most small and medium businesses manage to acquire essential data management and integration software such as Grouparoo’s Marketo (, but fail to oversee data protection requirements. The network firewall isn’t enough to protect your business from intruders. You also need to work with high tech surveillance systems that check all the entry points into your system- including every login and logout, every access granted and every user on the system. Though this may sound like creating a surveillance state in the business, it is essential to ensure that you remain secure. Your cybersecurity systems must be upgraded regularly. Some businesses have the habit of upgrading only when they find a problem or get hacked. Such reactive security measures are not good for your business.

Cloud security systems

As most businesses are moving to the cloud, they are helping to reduce the costs that come with legacy systems. Nevertheless, cloud security systems (dig this website to learn more) must come with high-end security and some best practices which must be followed by everyone in your organization. Failing this, cloud systems can provide an easy entryway for hackers into your organization. This is why you need data security solutions like those at Radware to protect your credentials. These days, cryptocurrency hackers are using the organization’s spare computing power to mine digital currencies. Try to find these activities right when they begin, especially in your cloud systems to avoid major damages.

Threats are evolving quickly, and your business security should continuously evolve to manage these threats.